Tuesday, July 19, 2016

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I just finished importing this blog into my main wargames blog. This leaves me with only one blog to update on a regular basis. I hope you will continue to read my sci-fi adventures over on http://wargamer1972.blogspot.com/.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Beginning Life in UEF Defense Force

Unlike the old Earthling military forces of old, the modern day Army of the UEF works on merit vice social standing.  It's members are not classed upon education, wealth or who their parents are but strictly on how good a soldier he or she is.

All members of the UEF-DF enter basic training at Camp Basilone in North Africa, Earth. Basic instruction lasts 9 weeks (1 week of orientation, followed by 2, 4 week cycles of training.) Instruction here covers physical fitness, nutrition, customs & courtesies, marching, marksmanship and all aspects of becoming a soldier.  Recruits enter with no rank on their shoulders but all graduate with their green bars and a select few with their first golden stripe as private first class.

After basic the next 7 weeks are spent in technical training for the soldiers chosen career field. Upon graduating most "greenies" privates are promoted to private first class. Only those who failed to make satisfactory progress or are troublemakers keep their green bars and stay privates if they are retained at all are offered one further chance and recycled.

After a year in the fleet of honorable service (1 year from Tech School graduation) most PFCs can petition to be sent to the NCO school at Sandhurst Military Academy, England, Earth. NCO school is a very rigorous 12 weeks of classroom, field and parade ground training. After graduation all PFCs gain their second gold stripe and become corporals and are then returned to the fleet.

Promotion to sergeant is strictly merit based and only after a year of honorable service following graduation from Sandhurst. Combat experience is one of the requirements for sergeant. However after gaining their third gold stripe any honorably serving sergeant can petition for Officer School or the Senior NCO School. Selection for each is highly competitive most first time petitioners are turned away. The NCO School is located at the American Military Academy at Fort Benning, Georgia, Earth while the Officer School has several campuses of instruction throughout the UEF. With the first campus set at the Imperial Military Academy in Berlin, Germany, Earth.

Officer School lasts one year while the Senior NCO School is 24 weeks. Sergeants at the NCO School spend much of their time in a classroom environment, along with advance field courses and ship work before completing one cycle as junior drill instructors at Camp Basilone. Upon graduation from the Senior NCO School graduates gain their red bars and retain one gold stripe to show their new rank as Staff Sergeants. Many of the newly minted red bar NCOs return to the fleet however a special few are selected to become senior drill instructors at both Camp Basilone and Sandhurst Military Academy.

Sergeants at the Officer School like their brethren at the Senior NCO school spend most of their time in classroom instruction, along with advanced field and shipboard courses. Upon graduation these sergeants too receive their red bars but with a horizontal gold bar with a large silver star in the center marking them as officers and newly promoted second lieutenants. All graduates of the Officer School return to the fleet for service.

All ranks of the UEF are automatically enrolled in the Fleet Services School and are given monthly courses in a myriad of subjects. Most courses are self-paced but a few have a set time period. However all will expire with messages of incomplete sent to the soldiers chain of command.  Courses range from simple reading lists to school courses on finance, infantry tactics, language, computers, armory maintenance and thousands more.  It is said that a soldier is one of the most highly trained people in the federation.

An instructor at the Infantry School demonstrating a point, in this case a sharp point.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


The UEF Federal Army Rank Insignia Chart

Federal soldiers wear their rank insignia on each collar of their uniform. Those in power armor or heavy armor also have their rank insignia painted on the left shoulder of their equipment.

I used Microsoft Paint and some star images found online to create this rank chart for the UEF Federal Army.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Operation Laser Light: Kill Mission for the Tau-Ra Collective

Gr'skyk reviewed his monitor, on his screen was the lunar surface of Raryk-4. As he went about his task his eyes scanned every centimeter of the readout but then his saurian eyes stopped on a tiny glint from sector 511. "Computer enhance sector 511." Gr'skyk barked. The monitor moved in and magnified the view of that sector. Then to Gr'skyk's amazement he saw them clearly. Five metallic figures moving purposely at some unknown project. It appeared they were assembling something in Crater 13-511. Gr'skyk turned to his Armada Monitor and saw that the Tau-Ra Frigate "Isis 188" was travelling nearby enroute to Seti-Ra. Gr'skyk opened the Collectives secure hailing frequency and called the Isis 188. A human woman appeared on the screen. She acknowledged Gr'skyk and introduced herself as Captain Inyana Hatshepsut. While Gr'skyk informed the captain of his findings the activity on the lunar surface was winding down. With cold dead eyes Unit 72764 activated his internal comlink and began sending signals back to the Great Comet, it would take a week for the transmission to reach the Imperial Matrix.

Captain Inyana ordered advised her space marine officers of the situation. She advised them that the Isis 188s guns might not be able to hit the sight as it was deep within a lunar crater. The space marines snapped to with their officer reassuring Captain Inyana that the space marines would drop and destroy the Comet menace below for her and the common good of the Tau-Ra Collective.

5 Imperial Cylons set up an Imperial Coronal Extraction Station on the lunar surface of Raryk-4.

Collective Space Marines drop down to destroy the Imperial menace.
Closeup of a Tau-Ra Space Marine Infantry Squad.

The space marines advance.

The Cylons advance.

Shooting is intense.

The first Cylon assault kills 3 marines.

One marine squad is in peril while the other finishes off their enemy and turn to face their lone comrade.

The space marines consolidate.

Another Cylon falls unable to activate its repair nanites.

Finally after some back and forth fighting the last Cylon falls. The marines then check their wounded and destroy the Imperial Extractor.
Played this scenario out in under 15 minutes. I played it as the crates themselves grant +2 cover with their raised edges giving +1.  Each squad has 1d6 shooting and combat dice for each squad member with a shooting bonus of +1 for each heavy weapon. 5+ needed to score a hit. Also played where the cylons have 2 attacks in melee with any 6s rolled counting as 2 hits for them. Cylons also had ability to roll a save from shooting due to their self-pattern shields and if fallen a 50% chance of standing back up the next turn.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1/72 Corporate Security Forces

From these 2 box sets will emerge the security forces for both the Red Asteroid Mining Company and the Q Off World Resources Corporation (Q Corp).  More on these two companies to come.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

First X-Wing Game

Pictures from my first X-Wing out of the box with the quickstart rules.  My ship and a tie fighter ran off the board so I lose.  Played solo using solo rules I found at FFG: FFG Forum X Wing Solo Play.  The jury is still out on this game but there is a lot more too it. Cards with abilities, a lot of expansions and ship models. So it has more time for review.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Star Wars: X-Wing Fighter Miniatures Game

Found a 20% off B&N coupon in my email so I used it to pick up this game.  Been interested in it for a while. The ships all appear to be about 6mm so that fits well with my current lead pile of 6mm sci-fi.