Friday, December 2, 2011

Galactic Corporations - Interstellar Defense Solutions

There are many corporations within the Milky Way & Andromeda Galaxies. Ranging from the giant and bloated Pan Galactic Corporation that has it's fingers in almost everything to the small trinket vendors on space stations.

One corporation I shall highlight upon from time to time will be Interstellar Defense Solutions. IDS is a small company, with less than 45 full time employees. It's joint-chaired by Jaap von Huack & Gallo Forchella. IDS has both industrial and military divisions. IDS Industrial Division focuses on planet and asteroid mining, interstellar transportation services as well as ship, ship equipment, military arms and mining equipment manufacturing. IDS Military Division provides custom contractual armed security, intelligence gathering & other services rendered by most private military companies. IDS like most companies takes advantage of the for hire manufacturing lines available throughout the galaxy. However boardroom talk of late has been on the acquisition of a space station, expansion of military operatives and investment in manufacturing equipment.