Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fourth Painted Scourge Model

Like this paint scheme much better but the green didn't quite come out how I imagined it.  Will have to research a bit more.

Terror Mite from Omni-Persieye 8

An UEF scientific team landed on Omni-Persieye 8 today for just a few minutes before having to make an emergency take off from the hostile world.  Before running for his life an crew member snapped these two photographs of a giant insect.  The pictures have gone viral around the galaxy and the bugs have been nicknamed "Terror Mites."

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

15mm The Scourge Painted Test Models

I have painted 3 test models for a planned Scourge FUBAR Force, but I am not yet satisfied with the results, I have another idea that I will try tonight or tomorrow.  From left to right we have Gun Bolt Metal, Red for a ceramic armor look, and Sterling Silver.

15mm U.E.F. Strike Force Rhino

Here is my first painted 15mm Sci-Fi Strike Force for FUBAR.  SF Rhino is composed of 3 squads of infantry, and a Combat Mech.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

15mm UEF Infantry Squad and Mech

Painted up the first of 3 infantry squads for 15mm FUBAR games with my son.  These were fun to paint.  The Mech is a GW 40K Tau model.
UEF 1st Squad, Strike Force Rhino, and a Class 2 Combat Mech.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Skirmish Rules Update: Bush War FUBAR

I've uploaded my own version of FUBAR over at the Forge of War forums, it can be found here: Bush War FUBAR these are the same rules I use in my 6mm modern campaign.  Thanks.

Addition of 15mm Sci-Fi

My son has been bit by the FUBAR bug but he wants to play in 15mm and this after I sold a huge chunk of my 15mm.  Anway I will add some 15mm elements to my campaign but more as an sideline with the main focus remaining upon 6mm.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

6mm RPG Spacecraft: The Century Sparrow

 I began design on a ship that I can use in my RPG.  I wanted something that would show the interior of the ship and what was going on there.  This might have to give way to something better as in more cooler.  But for now here it is the Century Sparrow on the shipwright's desk.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

6mm Character Models

I plan on adding a small mini RPG sideline to my campaign.  Basically a pilot and his robot traversing the galaxies for adventure and profit.  My pilot below, whom I haven't named yet, is dressed in his orange pilot jump suit, gray helmet with built in flashlight and scanner.  The pilot is actually an old GW Epic 40K Imperial Guardsman.  His equipment is painted black.  His robot with a missing arm that the pilot replaced with a light laser welding tool and antenna fingers, is also a GW model, an Ork Dreadnought.  The robot is also equipped with 2 forward mounted spot-lights for deep space salvage and repairs as well as underground mining.  Haven't decided upon his name yet either or anything else for the RPG elements of this campaign.  Will post once I have more.

Edit:  8/18/12  I've selected names for my two characters above.  The space pilot is Tiberius Hex and his robot sidekick is formally known as an R12 Industrial Bot, but Hex calls him "Indy."

Sunday, March 4, 2012

TAU-RA Taruk Rider

Last night I painted and then dipped the first mini for my upcoming Tau-Ra FUBAR Force. A Taruk Rider. Added the base and flocking today. He wears white carapace armor and carries a Gauss Lance weapon. The Taruk Riders are brave and tough opponents upon their mighty Taruk. The Gauss Lance is essentially an anti-tank weapon, it can cut a whole through most armor. It would vaporize a single soldier. The Riders charge into battle with the primary goal of taking out enemy vehicles but can lend firepower support to Tau-Ra infantry squads.

In my particular mod of FUBAR (Bush War FUBAR) I think I'll start the Taruk Riders out as a 8" movement rate, d10 experience level unit, light cannon firepower with gauss (which reduces target armor save by 1 or 2) with +2 Carapace Armor for the rider.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Journey to the Moon!

Finished up my 2x2 moon board for FUBAR battles. I placed some different scale minis in a crater for size comparison. Craters are from GW. Rocks and crap are a combination of Woodland Scenics, Pet Store Lizard Sand, Rocks my wife found in a bag of beans and some rocks from the front driveway. I washed the craters with a watered down black ink.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Tau-Ra Collective

The Collective is made up of numerous planetary systems in the Andromeda Galaxy and at the time of this writing is comprised of two races. The Humaniti, and the Tau.

The first race we shall highlight here are the Humaniti, or as they are sometimes referred to, the Ratians (RA-shuns). They are the descendants of the first humans from the Sol System to arrive and colonize planets in the Andromeda Galaxy. They were freedom loving folk, inspired by nature, art and inward reflection. They were what the ancient folk on Earth would call pagans for they saw the divine in most everything natural. The first colonists landed on a small Class M planet which they named Ra in honor of an ancient Earth deity. Later as more colonists arrived, the Ratians expanded and founded many settlements on Ra. Later they formed what was once known as the Ra Confederation. Banding together for protection from persecution by the Malvernis Church and it's inquisition. However, within 10 years the Confederation was falling apart, people were starving and dying. That's when the Tau came, they made peaceful contact and saved the colonists. Trade was established and indeed flourished, ideas were exchanged and today the two species stand side by side. The home planet has since been renamed Tau-Ra as the 2 races have joined together into one.

Now let's examine the indigenous Tau. The Tau are an xenos humanoid species. To most humans they appear almost lizardlike. While they have a myriad of skin tones most are either red, blue or green. They are larger than most humans. They are a unified caste society but one that is set up for the greater good of all Tau. Their warrior caste is relentless and have an almost chivalric code that they strictly adhere too. They have been known to ride great beasts into battle against tanks and machines. Like the Ratians they are nature worshipers but have learned to integrate technology into a balanced existence. The Tau are great workers of art and woodcraft. A favorite Tau pastime is the writing and recital of poetry. The average Tau lives to an age of 200 years but it is not unheard of to find Tau 300+ years old.

The Tau homeworld is heavily forested with great trees that are larger than some mountains on Earth. Every Tau-Ra spacecraft contains an atrium, some large, some very small, which house botanic life from the Tau-Ra Homeworld. Today, the Tau-Ra Collective stands as a strong economic power in the two galaxies and have settled several other planets. The Collective holds stock in several of the largest interstellar corporations like the Pan Galactic Company. Militarily, however, they are not as strong as the some of the other factions. Military spending only comprises 4% of the Collective budget. This has led to a few occasions of checkbook diplomacy and the hiring of mercenaries to do dirty work outside Collective territory.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Interstellar Defense Solutions

Pictured below is a heavy cargo truck used in Class M Planetside Mining Operations by Interstellar Defense Solutions, stock ticker: IDS. As you can see from the rust and wear this truck has hauled a lot of ore over the course of it's career.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Switch to 6mm

With all the various models available and the low low price, I've decided to switch this campaign to 6mm for solo-gaming and 15mm when my son drops by to play.